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Mongoose Campsite - A place of the nature, by the nature & for the nature
Mongoose Campsite is located at a stone-throw distance from the well-known Vedanthangal & Karikili Bird Sanctuaries around 80 km from the heart of Chennai city / 24 km from Chengalpet. This is a serene 35 Acres mango grove and farmland with plenty of shady trees making it an ideal location to carry out various outdoor activities and Out Bound Training. This is a place of the nature, by the nature and for the nature and one of the best places to carryout bird watching and has all basic requisites to be used as a base camp to carryout ornithology researches

The Mongoose Campsite remains a base for
Out Bound Training (OBT) , Teambuilding & other Training Camp by in-house Facilitators
Training Ground for External Facilitators
Adventure, Nature, Entertainment & Rejuvenation Camps
Base Camp for carrying out ornithology activities / researches
Picnics & Get-togethers

Why Mongoose Camps? - The USP
Whether you want to facilitate an out bound training to your team or you want a facility to get your team trained, just head for Mongoose Camps that has the following unique distinctions to be associated with you and your team.

Eco-friendly unique destination on Mother Nature’s lap - A place of the nature, by the nature and for the nature
Located just a stone throw distance from the well- known Vedanthangal & Karikili Bird Sanctuaries
Binding place for bonding association
Flexible & smooth integration of learning, entertainment, relaxation & rejuvenation as per individual's interests / choice
Professionally trained programme facilitators
RO Plant & Uninterrupted Power Supply
Food prepared with cooking oils &spices extracted / ground by us
Serene ambience to carry out undisturbed creative works like writing, research, brain storming, composing, developing various skills, etc.
Provide professional service with a personalized touch - We don't put in our best; we just put in our heart
Proximity to the city / No need of any train or flight reservation.

What do I do at Mongoose Camps?
Come as a team and get into Out Bound Training facilitated by in-house facilitative trainers from Mongoose Camps or bring your own facilitator
Come and get your adrenaline shot up by plunging into adventure activities
Just come and enjoy the campsite as a picnic
Pack your trekking props and venture into our campsite for nature related activities
Use the camp to carry out any of your ornithology activities / researches
Come into the campsite tohave your own get-together with family and friends.
Come and do nothing; just relax & rejuvenate yourself.